Amazing Occasions Deserve A Special Dessert

Amazing Occasions Deserve A Special Dessert

How many extra special occasions deserve cake? Now, how many occasions deserve the very lovely blend of cake with cheese? Whether a family gathering, or an office party, cheesecake makes it truly memorable for everyone attending. Mention ordering a cheesecake when planning the party, and everyone thinks it will be much too expensive. If the cake is too expensive, consider also the cost for delivery. Before anyone changes their mind, and decides not to order something they really want, it's good to know there are fabulous affordable cheesecakes that are given a thumbs up from customers all over Singapore and surrounding areas.

Simply order online and have cheese cat and fiddle restaurant by Cat & the Fiddle in no time. Prices for delivery are very competitive with other bakeries in the area. Many people who've ordered the cakes and enjoyed them immensely have written testimonials about how delicious they are, and how quickly they were delivered.

Many customers enjoy receiving free shipping on cake delivery in Singapore when their online orders total $120. This is an excellent way to order if the cakes are for an office party which is usually paid for by the corporation or by donations of office workers.

Many people love cheesecake so much that a holiday isn't a holiday without one that's ordered online, and arrives with special decorations that can be applied by the host/hostess.

One shop in Singapore features 15 different kinds of cheesecakes that are made by a famous award-winning pastry chef, and can be ordered online. They are all one of a kind, such as the velvety softness of cheesecake with sweet Canadian blueberries gracing the top. There's also a combination of 10 different slices of cheesecake for a family to try them all to see which one they like best.

One of the cheesecakes features fresh seasonal apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and crumble for a happy day in early fall. Everyone loves chocolate, and there's a cheesecake just for them that has a golden dust sprinkled on top of chocolate mousse.

To order, simply go online and register an account. Click the Order Online button which takes a customer to all of the cakes listed for sale. There are gifts and toppings that can also be ordered and sent along with the cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle.

Customers can order cakes a month ahead of their gathering date. They can pay by major credit card and Paypal. Shipping is fast, but customers need to read directions on the website, since cake delivery can not be sent to some areas near Singapore.